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There’s more to life than what you are experiencing.
But you don’t know how to get there.

Instead, you are stressed, angry, overcome with frustration, and feel burned out from trying to build the life you want. 

I’m here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being, drawing from my expertise as a Neuro-Wellness Practitioner, Certified Wellness Counselor, Stress Management Expert, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and Attachment Theory Coach.

Empowering Your Journey

Life holds the promise of fulfillment and purpose but, sometimes the path can be overwhelming. Are you feeling weighed down by stress, frustration, and burnout as you work tirelessly to build the life you truly desire?

I Know From Experience, It’s Exhausting.

When it comes to relationships, we all face moments when we wish we could have responded differently. Maybe you replay those other scenarios in your head. It’s perfectly normal to wonder why we act the way we do and sometimes blame ourselves for it.

But let me share a truth with you: It’s NOT your fault.

If you are feeling this way, let me tell you that it’s NOT your fault the way you are. 

The mind and body are connected in fascinating ways, and many of our thoughts, reactions, and feelings are rooted in our subconscious mind. It often guides us until we learn how to work with it. Your subconscious rules until you learn to work with it. 

The good news? You can learn to work with it!

And YOU can learn to do that!

You are not alone in this. As a certified Wellness Counselor, Neuro-Wellness Practitioner, and Stress Management Expert, I am here to help you with compassion and non-judgment. Together we can look at what a successful life looks like to you, what is holding you back, and how to move forward.

Hello, I'm Jenna.

Nice to meet you!

With more than a decade of experience and certifications in Wellness Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation Teaching, and Integrated Attachment Theory coaching, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of individuals like you navigate life’s twists and turns. 

I hold a certification in Neuroscience in Business from MIT which means I can bring you insights and strategies to enhance your performance and well-being, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or high-achieving leader. 

I received my Wellness Counseling certification from Cornell University, and a training certification from the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, which is affiliated with the Harvard Medical School of Psychiatry.

How I Can Help You

My focus is on the neurobiological connection of stress management, creating emotional literacy, and emotional resilience by getting to the root cause of symptoms. By teaching healthy coping strategies, I help people circumnavigate their limiting beliefs. 

As a Neuro-Wellness Counselor, I will work with you to

  • Stress Management: Assist in stress reduction and emotional balance.

  • Anxiety Mitigation: Help alleviate anxiety and regain emotional control.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Guide in mindfulness practices for mental well-being.

  • Healthy Communication: Improve communication skills for better relationships.

  • Performance Enhancement: Optimize cognitive and emotional skills for success.

As a certified IAT coach, I work with you to

  • Discover your attachment style. 
  • Discover your core wounds or limiting beliefs
  • Learn about your needs and relationship expectations
  • Understand your emotional patterns 
  • Understand your relationship to boundaries
  • Develop your communication patterns
  • Change unhealthy behaviors to healthy coping behaviors

Through confidential wellness counseling sessions, we can work together to discover what’s holding you back, how to respond to stress in healthy ways, reframe and modify negative thoughts and behaviors, and set important boundaries to make meaningful changes in your life.

I want a life for you that is fulfilling, where your relationships improve and so do your confidence and resilience.

Want to work with me?

Mersiha Ramic
Jenna is one of the kindest, most considerate, and empathetic people I know. My coaching sessions with her helped me grow personally, professionally, and emotionally in ways, I could have never imagined. Her coaching style was flexible to what I needed at that moment. She was never afraid to push me when I needed pushing, say things as they were, and call me out when that’s what I needed to hear! I started coaching sessions with Jenna in 2014, and we met for about three years. To this day I still use the knowledge and lessons gained from our meetings both in my professional and personal life. I’m forever grateful for the impact she has had on my life.
Mersiha Ramic
Connecting with Jenna is equivalent to connecting with the TRUTH. Understanding what your truths are and where they come from is incredibly liberating and empowering and make it easier and more enjoyable to thrive in whatever eco system you’re currently in. I’ve watched Jenna help hundreds of people unlock their truths and arrive at clarity for the lifestyle they want to live as a result, with game plans and ideas on how to get there. Personally, I’ve learned a great deal from Jenna that has significantly improved my relationships, my perspective & mental wellness, my career and my ability to come through for the people I love. Some of my favorite learnings from her include emotional intelligence, understanding my values, the power of reflection, meditation, parenting and general people development. My favorite part about connecting with Jenna is how effortless it always feels. We talk about everything: it gets deep, sometimes heavy and it always feels enjoyable, easy, and safe. Jenna has a magical way about her where she can take complex situations and help simplify them. She is one of a kind in a league of her own and a true treasure to this world. BEWARE: spending time with her will transform you into a better version of yourself.
Donielle Brickner