Genuine Client Experiences

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"I've been working with Jenna for over 5 years now. The first thing that comes to mind is how comfortable Jenna made me feel when opening up to her regarding professional and personal matters. With that comfort came trust, with that trust came an open-mindedness to her coaching. I like many others in my business are generally very strong-minded individuals. Jenna does such an amazing job at being open to my thought process, but at the same time not afraid to challenge or push back where she sees an opportunity to provide a different perspective. It's generally that different perspective that allows me to learn more about people and to learn more about where my blind spots are. It's because of that, I feel its made me a much more patient and open-minded leader to my people."
Nelson Figueroa
"Working with Jenna completely changed my outlook on so many things - personally and professionally. Quite literally she changed my life! In my professional career, as I transitioned from an individual contributor role to a position of leadership, she worked with me on understanding my values, the values of others, how to really seek to understand people and provide value to them without passing any kind of judgement. She has walked me through countless situations- how to see them from all points of view and make unbiased decisions. We worked together on developing my emotional intelligence and how to build that in others. These are all things that I have carried through my career and in my personal life. I can definitely say that my personal relationships have grown so much from the development and growth habits that I have learned from her. These are things I continue to practice each day and I have gained an immense wealth of knowledge from her. The best part about working with Jenna is that it doesn’t feel like “work.” She is genuine, authentic, and able to help you find a solution to anything without it feeling like a serious mountain to climb. She is a great mentor and friend who genuinely cares about changing people’s lives for the better. She is someone that you can go to for anything whether that is personal wellness, business advice, leadership development - you name it she can help you with it. I can guarantee that if you work with Jenna, no matter the length of time, you will leave those conversations a better person."
Meghan McNary
Connecting with Jenna is equivalent to connecting with the TRUTH. Understanding what your truths are and where they come from is incredibly liberating and empowering and make it easier and more enjoyable to thrive in whatever eco system you’re currently in. I’ve watched Jenna help hundreds of people unlock their truths and arrive at clarity for the lifestyle they want to live as a result, with game plans and ideas on how to get there. Personally, I’ve learned a great deal from Jenna that has significantly improved my relationships, my perspective & mental wellness, my career and my ability to come through for the people I love. Some of my favorite learnings from her include emotional intelligence, understanding my values, the power of reflection, meditation, parenting and general people development. My favorite part about connecting with Jenna is how effortless it always feels. We talk about everything: it gets deep, sometimes heavy and it always feels enjoyable, easy, and safe. Jenna has a magical way about her where she can take complex situations and help simplify them. She is one of a kind in a league of her own and a true treasure to this world. BEWARE: spending time with her will transform you into a better version of yourself.
Donielle Brickner
Mersiha Ramic
Jenna is one of the kindest, most considerate, and empathetic people I know. My coaching sessions with her helped me grow personally, professionally, and emotionally in ways, I could have never imagined. Her coaching style was flexible to what I needed at that moment. She was never afraid to push me when I needed pushing, say things as they were, and call me out when that’s what I needed to hear! I started coaching sessions with Jenna in 2014, and we met for about three years. To this day I still use the knowledge and lessons gained from our meetings both in my professional and personal life. I’m forever grateful for the impact she has had on my life.
Mersiha Ramic